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2023 Demo Reel


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About Cass

Cass King (she/they) is a creative nerd with a passion for developing technical solutions that enable artists to excel in their craft. She recently graduated with distinction from BCIT's School of Business, where she earned a diploma in 3D Modeling, Art, and Animation. Cass specializes in character and prop rigging with Autodesk Maya and Unreal Engine 5, and utilizes Python to create customized tools. During her final term at BCIT, Cass undertook a self-directed study focused on creating and retargeting motion capture animation using Rokoko's inertial motion capture technology.


Her career has been an unusual one. In her thirties, she traveled the world as a comedian, performing twice at the Sydney Opera House, and opening for Margaret Cho at Vancouver’s Center for the Performing Arts. In her forties, she co-wrote and starred in the musical ‘SHINE’, which Time Out New York called ‘Rent for our generation”.

Throughout her career, parallel to her work as a professional artist, she has collaborated with small to medium-sized businesses to streamline operations, create instructional manuals, and design systems that prioritize human needs.

Cass is committed to creating technology that empowers individuals to work together in pursuit of the best possible outcomes for themselves and their communities.